Knowledge base from Kringlecon 2018

The recent SANS holiday hack challenge aka Kringlecon 2018 was one of the best challenges I’ve ever attended and personally there were a lot of things that I’d learned and refreshed some basics.

kringle_santas_final_msg3I really liked the theme of a virtual conference with talks on various cyber security topics and the way objectives complexity increases. With good amount of efforts and help from many of my cybersecurity mates, I could reach and complete the final challenge. I must agree that there is absolutely no rocket science behind this and all that one needs is the passion towards cybersecurity and to learn new things!

While there are many blog posts very well documented on how the objectives were accomplished, I would like to cover the hints which are pretty good to be bookmarked for future references!

The hints here are presented along with the characters from the kringlecon.

More videos from kringlecon2018 at

Finally, if you haven’t tasted the sweetness of the SANS holiday hack challenge, I highly recommend you to take up this next time as this covers objectives from all aspects of cybersecurity like Networking basics, Application security, Digital Forensics & Incident Response & lastly Malware Reverse Engineering!

Hope you like this post and I am equally excited for the next series of SANS holiday hack challenge 🙂

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